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About Cease-Fire
  • The year is 2440 and humans live like refuges. After a meteor collision damaged the planet, and giant robots designed to help humans have revolted, the world has come under a robot reign. Now, instead of humans programming robots, the robots are able to broadcast frequency waves in order to brainwash humans. Sound bad? It is. CEASE-FIRE is the one assigned to trying to restore humanity in the midst of all this chaos. But there's a problem there too... he might also be losing his mind. Can humanity possibly be restored?

    Florentino Santibanez


    Keith Braun

Writer & Letterer
  Keith Braun is a chemist by day and a comic book geek all the rest of the time. Based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Keith is determined to get involved in as much of the world of comic book making that he possibly can. Along with the titles Cease-Fire and Soul Heir (Hound Comics), Keith also works on his own Indy Comic titles Deadzone and Elementis Special Operations Unit, and collaborates on the Dead America, Repoman and Lynch Mob titles. When not making comics, Keith loves family time with his wife and dogs (Keith's dream is to be a stay-at-home dog dad... please God, let that happen), playing drums and reading other comics.    

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Soul Heir

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